General Tackle Football Question

SFYFL will supply your player with a helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, game jersey and mouth piece. The equipment you will need to purchase is cleats, a practice jersey (which you can purchase from us) practice pants and a water bottle. We highly recommend purchasing an additional mouth piece.

Registration typically opens up within the first couple of weeks of March. You will see posts on our social media sites and returning players will receive an email from our board of directors once registration is open. You can also visit our website at periodically to see if it is open.

When you register your child in March there will be a section where you can volunteer to coach. After the board of directors evaluates your request you will then be notified and given further instruction.

Equipment fittings are usually held in the middle of July. There will be multiple times and days posted on our website and will also be sent via email. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to attend fittings due to other sports that your child might be playing. Therefore multiple dates will be offered to try and accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Heat acclimation usually starts in the first week of August. Full pad practices usually starts the second week of August. Game week will start the first week of September.

Practices will run Monday through Thursday (4 days) from 6-8pm until school starts. After school starts practices will be Monday-Wednesday and Thursday (3 days) from 6-8pm.

No. A parent, or an adult approved by the parent, must be present during practices. In some cases parents will have multiple kids playing at different grade levels, so we ask that you communicate with your coaches to let them know where you’ll be in case of an emergency.

The season typically ends by the first week of November.


Yes. Typically, you will be assigned a specific time & task during the season to help out at the snack stand and various other special events. SFYFL is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. So, like most non-profit youth sports organizations, we are dependent on our volunteers. Our success is only accomplished by the support of our parents.

Yes. The SFYFL has “minimum play requirements” at every level of football.

Although SFYFL has “minimum play requirements” we are still able to sit a child for missing games and or practices due to other sport and/or conflicts.

Game schedules are given to us by the ICFL and typically published by early to mid-August. Schedules will be posted on the website once we receive from ICFL.

We limit the number of participants on each team to enable the children to get quality instruction and fair opportunities for participation or playing time.

Games are mainly played on Saturday’s. Due to scheduling conflicts, some games may be played on Sundays.

If your child’s injury is minor they will be able to return to regular football activity once they are cleared by their respective coaches. If the injury is more severe ( i.e. head injury, broken bone etc.) they will need written clearance from their physician and clearance from the board of directors to return to regular football activity.

Home games and practices are held at our facility located at 833 S Lewis Rd Royersford Pa 19468. We are located directly behind the 5-6-7 grade center.

General Flag Question

The SFYFL will provide your child with a game jersey, game pants, a foam helmet, a flag set and mouth piece. You will need to purchase cleats. We highly recommend purchasing an extra mouth piece.

Flag consists of one practice per week and one inter league game per week. Practices and scrimmages range from 60-90 minutes.

Flag evaluations are usually held in mid August. The first practice will be held one to two weeks following evaluations. Exact dates will be published on our website in May.


The flag practice field is located directly behind Upper Providence Elementary at 833 S Lewis Rd Royersford Pa 19426. Inter league scrimmages will also be played on that field.

Games will be played at our tackle football facility directly behind Upper Providence Elementary or the 5-6-7 Grade Center.

Home and away games are typically played on Saturday’s morning to early afternoon.

Spirit wear can be purchased at our tackle football facility directly behind the 5-6-7 grade center. During the season they can be purchased at our snack stand during practice hours (see above) and on game days.


Each girl is issued a skirt, shell and pom poms (blue/gold/white as well as pink for October). Additionally, the girls will receive 2 bows – one to wear during September and a pink one to wear during October. The girls get to keep their bows. Uniforms and pom poms are returned at the end of the season.

Additionally, all girls will get fitted for a track jacket to wear when it is cooler. The girls get to keep these at the end of the season. The league offers bloomers (for under their skirts) and sneakers for sale during
uniform fittings. These are optional and pricing will be supplied when the girls try them on and order them. These items arrive in time for the first game. If you do not want to order sneakers through the league, you may purchase all white sneakers on your own.

We do ask that the girls wear a long sleeved white shirt under their top once it gets cooler. Any white shirt will work.

Registration opens in mid-March. It will stay open until the end of July to allow for uniform orders to get ordered and in before the first game.

Our cheerleading staff is always looking for coaches and assistant coaches. When you register your child for the season, there is a section where you can check off a box if you wish to volunteer as a coach. The Cheer Director also sends out emails to all registered cheerleading parents when and if the need arrives where coaches are needed at a certain cheer level. All of our coaching staff has to complete a background check. That process is different than the background volunteer clearances that the school district requires. This background check costs roughly $20-$25.

There will be several cheer uniform fittings before the start of practice. All dates and times will be posted on our website, as well as through email communications from the Cheer Director.

Cheer practice starts the second week of August. The practice schedule is listed on our website under the Cheerleading tab. Please take a look at this since the first week of practice has each cheer division practicing 1 day on their own, and then all of cheerleading will practice together on Thursday.

In August, practice is held Monday-Thursday 6:00-7:30. Flag cheer practices until 7:00.

Once school starts (and all of September), Cheer practice moves to Wednesday and Thursday only.

In October, practice will be 1 day a week (either Wednesday or Thursday) and it will be on the day that works best for your squad. Practice end times will get closer to 7:00 once the days start getting shorter.

All email communication regarding practices, such as cancellations due to weather, will be posted on our Facebook page as well as through email communication from the Cheer Director or your daughter’s Cheer coach.

No, a parent or an adult approved by the parent, must be present during practice. We ask that the parent let the coach know if someone else is responsible for your child. Since we practice outside, weather emergencies can arise quickly, and we need to get the children off of the field quickly. We need parents there to get their children if that happens. Also, sometimes injuries happen, and we need a parent on site for this situation.

The first game is Labor Day weekend and the season runs until the beginning of November.


Yes, parents are asked to volunteer their time in the snack bar during practice and games. The time is minimal and it will be scheduled by the team mom. There are other areas throughout the league where volunteers will be called on to help with various projects and event. Email communications will go out regarding these issues.

The girls will cheer every weekend (unless there is a bye week). The girls will cheer at home and away games.

The game schedule will be published by the end of August. Your daughter will be assigned to a cheer squad and her squad will either follow a certain football team, or they will rotate amongst the tackle football teams. Her game schedule will be outlined and distributed for the whole season. Be aware that there may be some tweaks to the schedule. You will be notified of any changes by mid-week before the game.

Games are mainly played on Saturday. There are a few teams in our league that have to play their home games on Sunday. All of our home games are on Saturday.

Our cheerleading and football facility is located at 833 N. Lewis Road Royersford, PA 19468. We are located behind the Spring-Ford 5/6/7 Intermediate School.

Cheerleading practice will be held on the far back field behind the game field (closest to the area near 422).

The Youth Cheer Camp is an optional offering to our youth cheerleaders. There is an additional camp fee for this event. The Camp is run by the Spring-Ford High School Cheerleaders. It is a fun camp where the youth cheerleaders learn a few new cheers and a dance and work on stunts before the season starts. Cheer Camp information and registration will be posted on the website as well as sent out through email communication.